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Goals for 2010

At the beginning of a new year, it’s hard not to make resolutions – January 1st is a dieter’s dream day, when all past transgressions are wiped clean and you have the opportunity to be perfect and live your dream … Continue reading

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Yummo Granola Bars

I’ve been looking for a good pre-workout snack recently that would be easy to toss in my purse and eat in the car on the way to the gym.  And of course something that doesn’t contain a ton of chemicals … Continue reading

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Analogy and confession…

Hello everyone!  Many many apologies for my long absence – I was out of town for a few days, and then we had some computer difficulties here at home which have been stealing away my attention.  I have been trying … Continue reading

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Be Your Own Santa

Right this moment my husband and I are the only ones awake and moving around in the house – hopefully the rest of the family will be up soon.  We traveled to Rhode Island this year, and the youngest person … Continue reading

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Crisis of Faith

For the past week or so I’ve been struggling to keep myself motivated to eat well.  I’ve been trying to jolly myself along with inspirational quotes but this weekend I really let things go.  Friday was a company Christmas party … Continue reading

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Every Challenge Could Have Paradise Behind It

I have been struggling with my food intake for the past several days.  I haven’t binged, but I haven’t been making wise choices and have definitely not been eating mindfully.  Today in the car I was listening to a Blues … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to get a few things out of my life this year – things that I consider poisonous to my body in one way or another.  Artificial sweeteners are gone (almost 8 weeks now!).  I’m slowly eliminating processed … Continue reading

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Book Review: MegaYoga by Megan Garcia

Megan Garcia‘s MegaYoga is quite simply an awesome book!  Although I found her video to be a bit lacking, this book more than makes up for it. She demonstrates a wide variety of poses, including several more advanced moves, and … Continue reading

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This past weekend I continued sorting through boxes of old clothes, trying to find some goal outfits that would fit me 20 pounds from now, 40 pounds from now, and so on.  I came across this: This is a tennis … Continue reading

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You Can't Eat Happiness

As I said goodbye to my 30s and turned the corner into my 40s I began to do some self-exploration about what I wanted from the rest of my life.  After years of accumulating ‘stuff’ and spending money, I’ve realized … Continue reading

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