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Cookies in the House

We have cookies in the house.  Beautiful tiny shortbread hearts, dipped in chocolate.  Yum.  They joined us last Tuesday night, straight from Whole Foods, and they are flaky and buttery and pretty much perfection itself.  But strangely enough, there are … Continue reading

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Results of the Hunger Experiment

I’m happy to report that last night’s hunger experiment went very well – I didn’t eat anything for the rest of the night, my hunger died down to a tolerable level and most importantly…the world did not end.  In fact, … Continue reading

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Experimenting With Hunger

In her book, The Complete Beck Diet For Life, Dr. Beck writes that you shouldn’t eat unless you’re experiencing true hunger pangs, and she feels that most Americans don’t know what true hunger feels like.  I know I don’t – … Continue reading

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The Beck Diet

For the past several days I’ve been reading The Complete Beck Diet For Life and really enjoying it – Judith Beck is a cognitive behavioral therapist specializing in weight issues, and in this book she provides excellent techniques for changing … Continue reading

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After lunch today I was hit with a strong craving for chocolate cake.  I thought about the food I had left in my lunch bag (4 clementines and a banana) and then thought about the spare change in my wallet … Continue reading

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More Favorite Fitness Things!

I can’t believe I left 2 critical things off my list!  Here they are, making the list an even 10: 9. The mall.  Any mall will do, but of course my favorite is the King of Prussia Mall, which is … Continue reading

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These Are A Few Of My Favorite (Fitness) Things

Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens…bright copper ket….oh wait, that’s someone else’s list of favorite things!   The list below contains a few things that I really rely on to keep me eating healthy, working out regularly and just … Continue reading

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Squeeze It In!

I sit at a desk all day, either on the phone or computer, often both.  Most days, I can feel my butt getting mushier with each passing minute.  Sometimes I stand up while I’m on the phone, hop from one … Continue reading

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Walk this way

One of the benefits of working for a ginormous pharmaceutical company is the concern they have for employee health.  We have numerous fitness perks – within a 5 minute walk of my building there are volleyball courts, tennis courts, an … Continue reading

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MBT review

Today I wore my MBT shoes to work.  They are dorky looking: but are so uber-comfortable that sometimes I wear them to work with jeans.  The soles of the shoes are rounded so that the heels and toes don’t touch … Continue reading

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