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Walking the Tightrope at Miraval

Day 4 dawned sunny and COLD!  I left my room at 7 to hit up the smoothie bar but by the time I arrived my hands were so cold that all I could think of was coffee.  So I nestled … Continue reading

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Experimenting With Hunger

In her book, The Complete Beck Diet For Life, Dr. Beck writes that you shouldn’t eat unless you’re experiencing true hunger pangs, and she feels that most Americans don’t know what true hunger feels like.  I know I don’t – … Continue reading

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There, I've Said It: I'm Afraid

A wise woman (my awesome trainer Rena) once told me that all human emotions are derived from fear or love.  A wise man once said “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself”.  As I slowly work my … Continue reading

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Hip Hop Class: The Great Equalizer

I posted yesterday that if I got the chance to dance in public, I would.  Well….my gym recently added a hip hop aerobic dance class on Thursday nights.  This is actually something I’ve wanted to try for awhile, but as … Continue reading

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Get Over Yourself

Have you ever felt self conscious?  Perhaps about a specific physical feature, such as your nose, your hair, or your ears?  Think that you can’t dance, worry if your butt jiggles when you walk?  Everyone has something about themselves that causes them … Continue reading

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Facing Down Fear…or…Why my butt really hurts today

This morning I faced down one of my long-standing fears: spinning class. For the uninitiated, spinning is indoor cycling on a special stationary bike, in a group setting, with an instructor that talks you through moves designed to simulate riding … Continue reading

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